cLassie Gallery

Images of show and pet dogs groomed at the cLassie grooming  


Above: Zoe  (Toy Poodle) the cLassie grooming Matriarch


 Above:  Golden Doodle (left),


 Above: Wire Haired Fox Terriers, Ted (left) and Ruby (right), enjoying a post-groom rest.

Above left: Cadog (Mini. Poodle) in Lamb Trim. Above right: Toby, Toy Poodle in Lamb Trim.

 Above: Tilly (Lhasa Apso) after her puppy cut (Aged 12 months)


Above Left & Centre: Pumpkin (Pomeranian) pleaesed to see us. Above Right: Scruffy (Toy Poodle) sporting a scissor trim with a French Moustache. 

Above Left: Macey (Lhasa Apso) after her Teddy Bear cut.  Above Right: Banjo (Shih Tzu) in his Summer Clip.


Above: Rupert (Bichon Frise) after his groom.

Above: Myres (Cavashon) Before (Left) and After (Right) his groom. 


Above: Poppy (Lhasa-Apso) Bfore (Left) and After (Right) her groom.  

Above Left and Centre: Alfie,  Above Right: Poppy enjoying a tit bit after her groom.

Above Left & Right: Nico (American Cocker Spaniel)

Above Left & Right: Caddog (Miniature Poodle) 

Above Left: Bobby being trimmed in teddy cut.  Above Right: Yorkie Puppy Cut

Above: Left - TJ (Travellers Joy of Malpas) being groomed. Right - TJ good to go!