Grooming Competitions
See below for Mikes achievements at the following National & International Dog Grooming Awards:
  • Intergroom, New Jersey, USA - April 2014
  • Premier Groom, Coventry - August 2013
  • British Dog Grooming Championship - 2013, 2012, 2011 
Intergroom, 2014


British Dog Grooming Championship 2013

Mike was delighted to win the Prestigious 'Groomer of the Year' title, where he earned enough points to secure a place on Groom Team England.


Premier Groom 2013

Mike wins 'Best in Show'at Premier Groom 2013

Above: Mike Wildman on a successful day at Premier Groom 2013, where he was delighted to win Best Groomer in Show 
 British Dog Grooming Championship 2012

Above: Mike Wildman pictured winning the Advanced Hand Stripped / Clipped Gun Dog Class (with English Cocker Spaniel Desi), fellow competitor Peter Ensell, and good friend Alison Rodgers.  Also picture is Judge Joanne Botwood. 


Above: Mike pictured after winning 3rd Overall Groomer of the Year, with the beautiful dogs he groomed in the competition.  On the left - Myers, owned by Kim Bower, and Desi, owned by Sandy Platt, without which this would not have been possible.    

 Above: Mike pictured with Judges and Sponsor.  

 British Dog Grooming Championship 2011

Sunday (09/11/11) was a great day for cLassiegrooming. Mike Wildman entered the British Dog Grooming Championships. It was the first time Mike has participated in this prestigious event, held at the Kennel Club Building in Coventry. Mike was delighted to be awarded Best Experienced Dog Groomer for 2011 & receiving a Special Award for 'Best Technique'. 


The event was extremely friendly, and Mike would like to thank all those that provided kind words and celebrated his success. Mike would also like to thank Sandy Platt for allowing him to use her beautiful dog Desi (Sh.Ch. CharbonnelSwedish Design).